Iphone Market Statement

Iphone Market Statement

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Marketing Research – iPhone market

Product: iPhone
Company: Apple

Identifying the problem
Telecommunication has evolved drastically over the past ten years. In the past, a mobile phone was only meant to be able to make and answer calls, while today, a mobile phone could be used as a camera, mp3 player, GPS tool as well as a device which allows users to check their email while on the move, wherever they are in the world! Technology has not only advanced the gadgets, but also speed up and increased the standard living of most individuals.

Today, the appearance and touch of a mobile phone is no longer the only factor that affect the consumer’s buying decision, the functionality of a mobile phone also plays a big part in the decision making process as well. As a mobile phone can now replace so many other big electronic gadgets that we were not able to lug out of our house, hence a mobile phone with a good function wins the heart most of the time.

The mobile phone being identified as one of the life’s necessity of any person will inevitably affect the lifestyle of a person. Mobile phone, in a manner is a gadget that helps to stay in touch with anybody on the globe, and also making communication a lot easier, just at the tips of our fingers.

If asked to name a few big players in the telecommunication industry, names such as Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericssion topped the list. But recently, there’s a huge rave of a new phone which was painstakingly designed, programmed and tested by Apple – iPhone!

And so, Apple made their official annoumcent to launch iPhone during their Mac Expo last year and since then the consumers has been looking forward to the product launch in their own country. Since its launch, there had been increasing reviews of the iPhone. Apple is well known for their virusless computers wrapped up in their clean, sleek and simple design with a Apple logo smacked in the center. However, iPhone would be their very first...

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