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iPod Craze!

For: Vincent
Buyer Behavior
Marketing 400

By: Nic

iPod Craze
How music has been stored played and carried has changed a great deal over the last couple of decades. Most recently it has come down to miniature hard drives that we hold in our pockets, or bags. These are called Mp3 players, and the most commonly seen and highest selling of these is the iPod. In this paper I will show you some sales figures associated with the iPod, also the enormous accessories market there are for these little pocket friends. I will also talk about some of its competitors. Also how the iPod has changed the way everyone thinks about listening to music and what that says about who they are. The iPod is much more than just another Mp3 or music player, it has become a way of life.
“A consumer love affair with Apple products appears to be surviving the recession, with the Silicon Valley company reporting record sales and profits in the final quarter of 2008. Apple said there were record sales of its iPod media players…” (Nuttall, FT.com). As of April of 2007 Apple’s iPod had sold over 100 million Units. Since its inception the iPod exploded in sales, it continually holds about a 70 percent market share. At this pace for sales the iPod will soon take over Sony as king for personal music players. The record set by the famous walkman/Discman players sold 309 million units. It can’t go on without being said that Apple’s popular computer program for music storage and organization iTunes has played a very important role in the sales for the iPod.
iTunes is an online music store where people can go and buy single songs or buy entire albums in Mp3 format, so it is compatible with all Mp3 players. iTunes be came really popular after the fall of the Napster pirating website. In fact iTunes has become such a large online store for purchasing music, that the Wisconsin state Governor “(Jim)Doyle has proposed a sales tax on a variety of digital downloads including music,...