Iredell County, NC: GIS Analysis

Iredell County, NC: GIS Analysis

Introduction: Iredell County is located in North Carolina with a population of 159,437. The largest town is Mooresville where there is the major hub of NASCAR. Though the county has experienced a lot of suburbanization, the majority is still rural and is home to large dairy farming areas.

Problem Statement: Iredell County is a major hub of Nascar, as well as a Dairy farming area. Because of this large amount of potential income to the area, I would like to analyze the differences in property tax rates when comparing the Mooresville area to the more rural Statesville area. Also, I would like to see what effect, economically, each industry has on its’ respective area.

Data Requirements: Obtained from the NC OneMap and Iredell county GIS Department.

Analysis Questions:
1) How many properties are located within Mooresville Town, Statesville City?
2) What is the total area for Iredell County City Limits? Mooresville? Statesville?
3) What is the smallest distance, in miles, from Mooresville City Limits to Stateville City Limits?

Analysis Plan
Download all data, create folder connection in ArcCatalog, load data to ArcMap.
Make sure Data and Data frame properties are correct:
Tax Rates 2011:
Mooresville Town, .58
Statesville City, .38
Tax Base 2010/2011:
Mooresville Town: ~ $5 billion
Statesville City: ~ $3 billion

Select by Attribute -> “addresses_clip”
“Tax_City” = ‘CI01’
Result: 23,484

Select by Attribute -> “addresses_clip”
“Tax_City” = ‘CI03’
Result: 12,618

‘CI03’ = Mooresville Town, ‘CI01’ = Statesville City
Clip All Layers to “CityLimits.shp”
Geoprocessing -> Clip
Input: Countyline.shp
Clip Layer: CityLimits.shp
Output: cntyline_clip.shp

Input: addresses.shp
Clip Layer: CityLimits.shp
Output: addresses_clip.shp


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