Is College Necessary

Is College Necessary

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Haden Frye

Is College Necessary?

With the expense of college these days, is it really worth every penny? Will your final educational adventures be what you dreamed? A degree is not necessary in order to make a good living. Through the right situations you can end up with your dream job, no matter how wild or professional it may be. College is more than anything a rite of passage in America, and an expensive one at that. Is a college education needed for every job title out there? No; it may help you find a job in this economy, but it is not required in some places. There is also the possibility of doing something you love; making a living out of it and you’ll never have to go to a specific college.
If college was to become mandatory everywhere somehow, the board of education would have to widen the amount of things paying students want to study. There is a movie called “Accepted” where the main character makes up a college where the classes are made by the students, for the students. Kind of like the declaration of independence… we should be able to create and organize specific studies that are transferable everywhere. Let’s say, your dream is to own an art gallery someday. What kinds of classes are offered at universities on the management of a gallery? Sure, you could go to a private college and pay even more for the same education we could potentially get from a college like ours, Colorado Mountain College. If I could find a perfect set of classes to make me feel really prepared to open a gallery at the price of classes on a community college, I would probably never leave steamboat ever again. I would like to see internships and hands on classes catch on, they make for a more prepared generation as a work force. We are, after all, the next innovators, inventors, and problem solvers of tomorrow.
The actual price itself is enough to scare freshly graduated classes from high school into thinking that they’ll be in debt for the rest of...

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