Is College Worth It?

Is College Worth It?


The way society has been shaped and form, education has been become more invaluable and a necessity. Education is a must but not just a basic education but a form of higher education. College is the idea as well as the edifice that as kids we have all been aspiring to go to. Society has been so adamant on keeping this idea in our minds and many jobs now require some form of a education higher than a standards high school diploma or a G.E.D. College teach much more than a specific area of study it teaches life lessons that those who are not in college may truly never experience. With the new age that we live in, college has become more accessible and the vast benefits of college are personally the reason for me to go to college.

Financial stability is the obvious reason that everybody goes to college. The goal and dream that college is going to somehow give me more money in my future is a true statement that has been backed by studies as well as, asking anybody who has been to college the numbers don’t lie. There was a saying that I heard about people who went to college earned over a million dollars more in their lifetime than their counterparts who didn't go to college. College in my opinion has the best statistics when it come to finances. Many jobs don’t require a college degree but the ones that pay much more usually require some degree. Degrees that you acquire through college can propel you in the right direction and get you that better paying job or that promotion because of the skills that you learned from completing that degree.

College is so vast and opportunistic that it allows anybody to become whatever and whoever they want to be. College gives me the opportunity to become an individual and to find my niche. It gives me an opportunity as well as a new perspective on life that high-school as well as the job market can’t teach. All the different areas of studies with millions of students going to into such different fields of...

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