Is Criminal Behavior Determined Biologically (Outline)

Is Criminal Behavior Determined Biologically (Outline)

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Is Criminal Behavior Determined Biologically?

I Nature

A: Genetics
1. Twins
2. Adoption
3. Psychophysiology

B: Biological Factors
1. Autonomic System

C: Brain Imaging
1. Structural defects
a. Pre-frontal dysfunction
2. Functional defects
a. Cognitive ability and conscience
3. PET scan

II Nurture
A: Environment
1. Birth environment
2. Nutrition
3. Environmental pollutants

B: Family
1. Socioeconomic
a. Parenting style
b. Broken home
c. Poverty
d. Unemployment
C: Social Environment
1. Influence of peers
a. Guns
b. Drugs
2. Role of education
a. Early childhood intervention
a. Spirituality

III Summery


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