Is Everything a Test?

Is Everything a Test?

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is everyThing a TesT?
March 5th, 2008 by kelvinreglos
I tried. But I failed. So many
I tried. But it’s just not enough. I gave my best. I thought I did what is
right. But it’s not.
I tried. And I tried real hard. But my effort didn’t give way. She was too high
to reach. I could never be good enough for her.

Is everything a test? I bet it is.
But right now, I’m not too determined to surpass everything.
When will I achieve success? When will I be able to impress her? When will she
take notice?

I guess I really just have to try.

I adjusted to what she wants. I
changed my ways. I CHANGED! I CHANGED A LOT! But it’s
still not enough.

She’s all over my head. Everywhere I
go, it’s her that I see, it’s her that I think about. I can’t get her out of my
head. Even if we don’t meet, even if we don’t see each other for weeks, she
doesn’t fail to make her presence felt. Haaayy… I’m going crazy because of her.
She’s all I think about. She’s always on top of my head.

I gave it my all. But she’s really
way out of my league for her to notice my little effort.

But I shall not be defeated. I shall
conquer it all. I shall do everything! Just to get her nod, just to let her
know that I gave it my all.

I hope my efforts pay off. I can’t
wait to see the day when I finally finish this god-forsaken race and get
through with it all. I hope by then she’ll take notice of me. Just that. And
I’ll forever be fine.

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