Is Lady Macbeth Evil

Is Lady Macbeth Evil

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I awoke at 10:30am,I was 2 and half hours late for work but I need not care all I cared about was why I was in bed with 3 smoking hot girls and why I couldn’t remember anything about last night. Regretfully I slid out of bed, trying not to wake the girls. I turned on the radio to listen to the news, it all sounded the same, sport, weather… suddenly, a news story came on the radio.

“Breaking news, 8 people have been shot dead in a bank robbery, 2 of the people that were shot dead were twin sisters aged 8. Their mother is in hospital with a gunshot wound to her right lung. The doctors say that she is lucky to be alive. The police have no leads at the moment we will tell you more when it happens.”

As quick as possible, I got into my Ralph Lauren suit and put on my white Gucci leather shoes and headed for the door. As I was about to leave, the phone rang, but there was no time, I had to get down to the station to see what I could do.

I jumped into my mustang, with the strong smell of vodka still lingering on my breath. I pulled out a cigar and began to smoke it to try and hide the smell of alcohol hoping that the chief wouldn’t fire me, but no time to think about myself, my team need me to get to the station. I hit the gas, leaving a smoking trail of rubber on the road.

I stormed into the station and went straight into the chief’s office, he was not pleased to see me.

“Tyson what time do you call this? I should fire you right now, but lucky you I need you ars, get down to the hospital the mother is awake and she is the only live witness.”

I replied “right away chief, I won’t let you down, trust me.”

“Why are you still here go all ready?”

I headed out of the office, back into my car and straight for the hospital. I arrived within 20 minutes and went directly to the mother’s room she was laying there staring passively out the window.

“Mam I’m private dick Tyson. I need to ask you questions about what happened.”

She said nothing I...

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