Is Marijuana illegal?

Is Marijuana illegal?

Nicholas Clayton

Health 11

December 16, 2012

Brian Pfiffner


Cannabis is considered to be nature’s most robust creations. It’s used legalized for certain medical uses in several different states. Federally marijuana is illegeal. “The lack of studies done on cannabis really inhibits the information we know about the health risks of marijuana”. With the little legalization of marijuana it’s hard to have enough research and prove to the public that sometimes marijuana isn’t that bad for you. Also though, the intoxication effects of marijuana is kind of hard to defend. At the other end of the spectrum there have been claims made that “probable chronic effects” may occur. There isn’t any knowledge of weed as there is. Many reviews of cannabis’ effects come to the same conclusion that “the available evidence is not nearly complete enough to permit an identification of the full range and frequency of occurrence of adverse effects from cannabis use.’’ The only thing I feel that should be illegal about weed is the use in younder teens. All we have to do is put an age restriction on it like everything else.

People against marijuana have the typical differences about marijuana. They think of it as alchohol like it’s actually addicting. There aren’t any compenets in marijuana that links it to be addicting as well as no deaths at all. “It can help people relax and interact with others. It also can enhance some sensory experiences, such as listening to music. And consumption for medical purposes can reduce symptoms of disease and treatments of disease, he says.

But dependence can cause impairment or distress and other effects that interfere with other areas of life, he says. "It's fairly common for people who are using marijuana regularly to complain that their ability to think clearly is impaired — to remember, to organize their thoughts, to follow through with multitasking." Roger Roffmen is for marijuana use in Washington state. He...

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