Is Recycling Really Beneficial

Is Recycling Really Beneficial

Is recycling really beneficial for the planet?

Taking into consideration current unfavorable ecological situation and the extra-consumption of natural products, it is possible to affirm that issue of recycling becomes more and more urgent. Recycling is one of the so-called 3R components: reuse, reduce, recycle. Ecologists convince us that this type of ecological reproduction can save raw materials and thus benefit Earth’s ecology. However, critics usually reproach recycling for being too expensive and difficult as a process. As we see there are pros and cons processing used materials into the new products.

First beneficial side of recycling directly concerns world ecology. Scientists assure us that reproduction of used materials will lower greenhouse effect and the amount of landfills. For example, by processing already used paper we will reduce the quantity of trees cut for paper manufactures. Therefore, the problem of deforestation and producing of CO2 which leads to greenhouse effect can be brought down. Moreover, by reproducing old materials it is possible to lower the amount of garbage thrown away.

Second advantage of recycling is the reducing of raw products which are used in usual type of production. This problem concerns paper, glass, plastic, metal, electronics, etc. The traditional type of manufacture needs to purchase a lot of raw material and conduct different procedures before the abovementioned products are made. Recycling, which allows working with already used and processed materials, makes the manufacturing process easier and more ecologically safe.

On the other hand, there are negative sides of reprocessing. Usually politicians oppose ecologists and say that recycling becomes much more expensive than just the garbage landfilling. Sometimes reproduction of already used materials is even more expensive than the traditional manufacturing of the same products. For example, according to data given by the US...

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