Is Technology Making Us More Alienated, Less Sociable, and Less Human?

Is Technology Making Us More Alienated, Less Sociable, and Less Human?

Is technology making us more Alienated, Less sociable, and Less human

Technology is the broad concept that deals with the usage and knowledge of tools and crafts, and how it affects the ability to control and adapt to its environment. Ever since humans were on this earth, we have been creating and using technology. The use of technology can be dated all the way back to the prehistoric time period, with the invention of the wheel.
In the 21st century we use computers, the internet, cell phones, I pods, I phones, Mp3 players, sidekicks, video games, and television. Are these tools really taking away from our everyday human to human contact ? People use technology to handle everyday tasks. If you want to known if technology is making people less social the answer is no, actually it is making us more social.

According to a study done by BBC news 1,102 teenagers play some type of video game. “Three quarters of teens who play actually play with other people, either online or in person”. “People who play on a daily basis are just as likely to talk on the phone, to email, and spend time with friends in person outside of school”. The invention of the sidekick has help teenagers connect with each other anywhere they go. When people can’t get in contact with each other by a phone call, all they have to do is use an email or instant message to stay in touch. According to seventy percent of couples who both own a mobile phone use it every day to chat or to say hello. Also, it found that, 42 % of parents use their cell phone to contact their children. In a study by sprint, people under 30 are four times as likely to respond to a text within minutes than a voicemail. Sometimes when a person doesn’t have time to talk on the phone, text messaging can be a easy and a quick way to contact someone.

Technology does not alienate us but actually bring us to together. In fact the worst part of technology advancing is making us more lazy not less...

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