Is the End Coming?

Is the End Coming?

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“Is The End Coming”

Most people remember exactly what they were doing on September 11th 2001 when the most damaging terrorist attack was executed by Islamic extremists. This event changed our country forever and gave everyday civilians a glimpse of the new type of warfare that we have to defend ourselves from. This day was shocking to the American people because most of our generation have not had to deal with violence and war at such a close proximity to where they live. Also their was the attack on the U.S.S Cole, A 35-foot boat laden with the explosives RDX and TNT with two bombers on board rammed the USS Cole port amidships while it was refueling in Aden harbor, ripping a 32-foot by 36-foot hole in the hull and causing extensive internal damage(Lahaye 212). These examples are only the most well known attack but according to Robert Rivas of MSNBC “Of the roughly 2,929 terrorism-related deaths around the world since the attacks on New York and Washington, the NBC News analysis shows 58 percent of them — 1,709 — have occurred this year.” In other words terrorist attacks around the world are increasing in number and also increasing in fatality rates. The terrorists are becoming more organized and some are building relationships with governments that supply their cause with weapons and supplies. In short on September 11 2001 the whole world was awake to the awfulness of the new global threat- a threat unlike anything the world had ever seen.

Through the centuries, the human race has been fascinated with the concept of Armageddon. During that time, the word has been separated from its original biblical context. The true meaning of Armageddon has been replaced by the secular concept of humanity destroying itself. The word is now synonymous with nuclear war, natural disasters, terrorism, impact from a comet or an asteroid, and any number of creatively conjured existential threats. No matter what background someone may have when reading the book of...

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