Is the Karma Ineluctable

Is the Karma Ineluctable

Is the karma inescapable?

– Portrait of Mayawati Kumari.
– Portrait of Jamal Malik
– Presentation of dalits and their way of life.
– C.f : “Mayawati, reine des dalits” Le Nouvel Observateur ; “Slumdog Milionnaire”

We will make two portraits of two characters who changed their destiny...

At first there is Mayawati Kumari.
She was born in 1956 in Uttar Pradesh (an India part's of country) was a poor child who lived in slums of Delhi (the India capital's).
Now, she is the 59 th woman the most powerful of the world. It's a dalits who became the politician the richest of India. She is the best and the worse of the indian politic.
The best because, the bigest democracy of the world allow to a dalit, to climb power steps' one by one.
The worse because, she is right with the indian system of indian classes'.
She built a city to the honnor she makes for the dalits with granits elephants, emblem of her side.
She makes her anniversary day's "Own dalits repect journey's". On this day, Mayawati fidels' come to give offrands and money to the woman whose the fortune is estimated to 13 billion of dollars.
She always says "I have always learnt to hate classes' system".
She is accused to belongs to the local mafia, but to their "sister" the dalits are ready to forgive.
A local journalist says : "She's important for what she represents, not what she does."

In the film "Slumdog Milionnaire" the most important character is Jamal Malik, he lived in slums too, with his brother Salim and Latika (who is the one he loves). He lost his mother, one day, when mens came to make murders and destroy all they found on their passages.
One day, Jamal participate to a broadcast whose name is "Who wants to be a milionnaire?" .
He knows all the answers...
So, some people think that he is cheating bu he don't. These persons think he belongs to the local mafia.
He becomes a milionnaire.
It was his destiny.
He fly like papers get high like planes... M.i.a "Paper...

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