Is the Us to Blame for Gun Prblems-Dialectic

Is the Us to Blame for Gun Prblems-Dialectic

It was on April 20, 1999 that it was brought to the world's attention again, about how weapons should be used. Every day there are people that are affected by weapons, war, and anger. So it was brought to the attention of citizens; is the United States of America responsible for their gun problems?

April 20, 1999 was days that know one would forget. There were two incidents that happened that day that will always be reviewed in the United States as unforgettable. Many people don't realize that on this date Bill Clinton made the decision to bomb Kosovo harder on this day then any other day of the fight to freedom. This was also a day that the high school students of Columbine will never forget. Being shot down by there peers that were attending school at the time.

Should the United States be blamed for what happened the day that Kosovo was bombed? The victims of this just wanted to leave the country to live in a safe and happy environment. People look down at Clinton for attacking a sovereign nation which has never perpetrated an attack on the United States or threatened an attack on any American allies. Clintons war was foolish, dangerous, dishonest, and a failure. This made Clinton and his country a blame for the gun problems. When Clinton decided to attack it seemed to be the wrong place at the wrong time involving the wrong kind of war. It was looked upon that this war was just brought on by Clinton wanting to flaunt his " push for power" at the expense of not only the innocent citizens in the Balkins and soldiers engaged there but Americans with in the Unties States who will be prime targets threats carries out by American enemies.

The inference is that passing yet more gun control laws would somehow have prevented these types of insanity. Over the past thirty or forty years the United States has degenerated into an amoral morass in which there is no right or no wrong; just a lot of grey area. If the...

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