Is There a Global Child?

Is There a Global Child?

Organisational Developmental Ideas

During my Experiential Learning TIME AT Broomfield SILCS I have observed that most children lack confidence, very little social skill and little self esteem. Through research I realized that maybe their disability, lack of knowledge to parents and fear of the unknown might be the cause.

From a playworkers point of view I tried to look at how play was involved in relation to building what children, teachers and parents lack in order to help build what children lack. During play times, children were not allowed free flow play because of fear of health and safety issues. I order to improve children’s play, the school should work closely with parents and implement the ‘Every Child Matters’ framework.

I was happy that with the curriculum already the school focuses on ‘Every Child Matters’, so this can also be followed in play. The following are the five outcomes of ‘Every Child Matters’;

➢ Being healthy-enjoying a good healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally
➢ Staying safe-protection from harm
➢ Making a positive contribution-getting involved with the community and not engaging in anti-social behaviour
➢ Achieving economic well-being-not being held back from achieving their full potential from socio-economic difficulties.

From the five outcomes, teachers and parents need to be encouraged and promote the following outcomes

➢ Being healthy-enjoying a good healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally

Why I chose these three outcomes I realized that children are missing out in play. The outcomes are followed and implemented at school but there some effort that should made in relation to play. Teachers should be made aware that the playground is where children should be given space to experiment and take risks. Children should be able to make and sustain friendship, get filthy and not care, fail and trial to take place and have fun!

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