Is Your Drum Dryer Easy to Operate Smoothly?

Is Your Drum Dryer Easy to Operate Smoothly?

The drum drying machine is an indirect dryer. Unlike direct drying methods, where hot air is used to evaporate the product moisture, the drum dryer needs no dust recovery. In addition, the thermal results are more favourable than in other methods because no heat is lost in the hot exhaust air. But Is Your Drum Drying machine Easy to Operate Smoothly?

If the feedstock is subject to damage from excess heat, a vacuum drum dryer may be used.The entire drum is encased in a vacuum chamber where air can be evacuated; this reduces theboiling point, and the drying can be accomplished at a lower temperature. Vacuum systemsare more expensive to operate and are more commonly used for higher value products suchas pharmaceuticals. Drum drying machine has high processing capacity, low fuel consumption and low drying cost. Fote drum drying machine has heat resisting features, so that it is able to use high-temperature hot air to quickly dry the materials. It has strong expansion capacity, and the design takes the production margin into consideration, so that even the output increases, there is no need to change the equipment. This drum drying machine adopts the structure of self-aligning tug which is excellently matched with the roller ring, thus greatly reducing the abrasion and power consumption. The specially designed catch wheel greatly reduces the horizontal thrust caused due to the slant of the equipment.

In addition, the advantages of drum drying machine is as follows:

1. The roller of dryer uses assembled structure, it is easy to transport;

2. Added to granulation area, improves the granulation effect, increase the surface finish and strength of particle;

3. The baking plank adopts modular structure, for the fertilizer can be full of the whole cylinder section, so that the heating exchange thoroughly;

4. Set with thermometer, vibration device, sealing devices, improves production efficiency;

5. The structure is simple and maintenance is easy;


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