IS3440 Project Part 1 Task 2

IS3440 Project Part 1 Task 2

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´╗┐Project Part 1 Task 2: Provide Open Source Server Solutions
Database Server
Database Server solution: PostgreSQL is an object-relational Database software solution that offers vast features as compared to the bigger commercial manufacturers such as Oracle and IBM. PostgreSQL has wide functionality, it allows for the use of two different types of interface, a GUI (simple clicking) and a SQL for those who like to get more in depth with the program. PostgreSQL works on most operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and Unix systems. It contains many array of tools and services.
Full ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) Compliancy. Supports Commercial and Non-Commercial businesses, Trigger support, user defined data type support, online backup, stored procedure support, multi-index input support, encryption, and contains embedded access controls.

Access Control
Brute-Force Protection, Enterprise Directory Compatibility, Native Network Encryption, Password Complexity Rules, Patch Access, Resource Limit, Run Unprivileged, Security Certification.
Bitmap, Expression, Full-text, GIN, GiST, Hash, Partial, R-/R+ Tree, Reverse, Spatial
Composite (Range + Hash), Hash, List, Range
Database Capabilities
Blobs and Clobs, Common Table Expressions, Except, Inner Joins, Inner Selects, Intersect, Merge Joins, Outer Joins, Parallel Query, Union, Windowing Functions
Additional Features
ACID, Backup, Custom Functions, Database Imports, Export Data, Extensibility, High Availability, Highly Scalable, Import Data, Real Time Access to Database, Referential Integrity, Templates, Transactions, Unicode, XML Format Support
Tables and View
Materialized Views, Temporary Table
Support Features
Email, FAQ, Live Chat, Mailing List, Tips and Hints, White Papers
Deployment Model
On Premise

Supported Data Types:
Floating Point

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