Jonathan Gonzalez

The cons for using Linux support provided by the community based forums and chats are
You can run into issues with deployment, apache, web servers or SendMail exchange, and these issues will utilize resources from the organization (man hours, IT, troubleshooting) that may or may not be available to dispense.
The answers you find in community based forums for specific issues may or may not be correct based on the source providing it
You have to filter through many wrong answers to find the correct one (this can be an issue with subscribed services as well)
You may install something on the Linux based system and it may not actually support it so trying to get community based support can be nearly impossible

The pros for using Linux support provided by the community based forums and chats are

Mostly free, however can have minimal costs involved
Knowledgeable and experienced advice can be found on forums, especially if it has a good reputation
No phone calls, you can locate knowledge any time anywhere there is an internet connection

Depending on the size of your organization, you may want to consider subscription based support for your software as the need of your business calls for it. For example, if you run a larger company you cannot afford to have down time on your network and you must have immediate response time for any failures. On the other hand, if you have a smaller company and you don’t have the resources and have to be cost effective, you can resort to community based support. In our opinion, it is best to have a “special blend” of both, and have a team of professionals in place to make the call, or in some instances, don’t make the call.

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