IS4670 Assignment 2 unit 4

IS4670 Assignment 2 unit 4

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Unit 4 Assignment 2
Digital Evidence Procedure

Digital evidence is information and data of value to an investigation that is stored on, received, or transmitted by an electronic device. This evidence is acquired when data or electronic devices are seized and secured for examination.
Before seizing evidence at a crime scene, you should ensure that:
• You have a warrant to seize the evidence.
• The scene has been secured and documented.
• Appropriate personal protective equipment is used.
Collectors without the proper training and skills should not attempt to recover information from a computer or other electronic device other than to record what is visible on the display screen. Do not press any keys or click the mouse.
Handling Digital Evidence at The Scene
Every precaution must be taken in the collection, preservation, and transportation of digital evidence. First responders should follow these guidelines below to ensure the proper handling of digital evidence at an electronic crime scene:
• Recognize, identify, seize, and secure all digital evidence at the scene. This includes cell phones, iPods, IPads, laptops, PCs, monitors and input equipment such as: mouse, keyboard, external hard drives, disk drives, hand-held GPS units, printers, external power supplies, etc.
• Document the entire scene and the specific location of the evidence found. Photographs and video documentation is suggested, supplemented with a crime scene sketch.
• Collect, label, and preserve the digital evidence.
• Package and transport digital evidence in a secure manner

Packaging, Transportation and Storage of Digital Evidence
Digital evidence and the computers and electronic devices on which it is stored is fragile and sensitive to extreme temperatures, humidity, physical shock, static electricity, and magnetic fields.
The collector should be cautious when documenting, photographing, packaging, transporting, and storing digital evidence to...

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