IS4680 Lab 2 Questions

IS4680 Lab 2 Questions

Lab 2 Questions
1. What is the difference between DITSCAP and DIACAP?

It would be the way how information assurance can be part of as the most importance, when the security needs to be with the Automated Information Systems (AIS).

2. What is DCID 6/3, and why would you use DCID 6/3 as opposed to DIACAP for Certification and Accreditation of a system?

DCID- Director of Central Intelligence Directive 6/3. The reason to use this is because DCID 6/3 can give more detail than any other physical security and encryption combined.

3. What is C&A and what are the following Acronyms related to the C&A process: DISN, GIG, PAA, DAA, DISA?

C&A- Certification & Accreditation (C&A), Defense Information Systems Network (DISN), Global Information Grid (GIG), Principal Accrediting Authority (PAA), Designated Accrediting Authority (DAA), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

4. What is the Defense Industrial Base Sector?
Defense Industrial Base Sector- It is a industrial place that can grant development and research. It also can grant design, delivery, productivity, and the usages of the army’s weapon systems. This is a standard for U.S. military requirements.

5. Who develops the configuration and validation requirements for IT products and services within DoD?
FISMA would be in control.

6. What is DoDD 8570.01?
DoDD 8570.01- Takes guidance and policy regarding to certification, training, management to all government employees and contractors who have privileged access to DoD Information positions.
7. Find a copy of the DoDD 8570.01-M revision dated April, 2010. What professional certifications comply with the 8570.01 M specification and workforce development program as defined by the DoD?
Certification Provider
Certification Name
Computer Security Incident Handler ( CSIH )
Certified Ethical Hacker( CEH )
Certification and...

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