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What will be the world like without communication?What will the world be like if there are only total silent?Life would totally be miserable. Everyone will live in a world of darkness. Everyone will be lonely.

It is impossible for us to go through a day without a certain communication. Communication is like the soul of life. We live to communicate and communicate to live. Communication has become part of our life. Communication enable man to survive in all type of environment. That is why communication is very important. That is also why it is impossible for us to go through a day without a certain communication. Even a single argument is consider as a communication.

Communication is the important means in friendship. It is believe that a good communicator tend to be viewed as more attractive by their peers and have many friends. This is because a good communicator tend to enjoy self confidence, leadership, personal presence, credibility, ability to explain and persuade, understanding of others, interaction enjoyment and happiness. I believe these qualities can actually help u make friends and also maintain your friendships.

A good communicator tend to reduce misunderstanding between friends and can understand friends better. He/She can avoid argument from happening. Thus reducing the risk of breaking the friendship. A good communicator can communicate well thus create an understanding between friends. This understanding help in improving friendship. Therefore, a good communicator tend to have more friends compare to those who are weak in communication.