ISCOM 374 UOP Tutorials/Uophelp

ISCOM 374 UOP Tutorials/Uophelp

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ISCOM 374 Entire Course

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ISCOM 374 Final Exam / Test- Use As Study Material
ISCOM 374 Week 1 DQs
ISCOM 374 Week 1 Logistics and Supply Chain Article Analysis
ISCOM 374 Week 2 Strategic Logistics Report
ISCOM 374 Week 2 DQs
ISCOM 374 Week 3 Product versus Service Supply Chain Comparison Paper
ISCOM 374 Week 3 Forecasting and Inventory Analysis Paper
ISCOM 374 Week 3 DQs
ISCOM 374 Week 4 Materials Handling Packaging Field Research Report
ISCOM 374 Week 4 Logistics Press Release
ISCOM 374 Week 4 DQs
ISCOM 374 Week 5 Global Considerations Report


ISCOM 374 Week 5 Global Considerations Report

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Based on the successes of your company, your Denver-based bottled water company is now a Fortune 100 producer within the United States. The company has decided to go global targeting Canada, Mexico, and China. Currently, you have central warehouse sites in three distinct domestic regions (Eastern, Central, and Western). You have awarded supply chain contracts to many local, as well as interstate, organizations. None of your current partners has the ability to deliver outside of the United States. They are, however, able to deliver to key border cities.

Prepare a 1,750 to 2,450 word global considerations report which will be used to discuss and examine the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a global enterprise. Include the following in your report:

A brief overview describing the current logistics network given in this scenario and how your team would transition that network to a global supply chain. Be creative and design both the current and future networks as your team wishes to maximize the logistics efficiencies available.

An analysis on the ethical and legal considerations in logistics management, both within the...

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