ISCOM 424 UOP Courses / uoptutorial

ISCOM 424 UOP Courses / uoptutorial

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ISCOM 424 Week 1 Individual Assignment Supply Chain Visual Representation

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Resource: The Virtual Organization of Riordan Manufacturing
Research the following aspects of Riordan Manufacturing:
• Operations
• Divisions
• Products and services
Create a visual representation—such as a graph, chart, or diagram—that illustrates Riordan’s supply chain. This visual representation should provide an overview and a strong understanding of supply chain operations and the flow of these operations within Riordan Manufacturing. Include the following items:
• Riordan’s functions and operations
• Riordan’s customer and supplier relationship
• External divisions and their purpose
• The upstream and downstream flow of information, physical materials or services, and money

Be sure to cite at least two sources in the paper
Properly cite your references


ISCOM 424 Week 3 Learning Team Supply Chain Complexities

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Research the following aspects of Riordan Manufacturing:

• Mission
• Value proposition
• Customer-focused goals

Using your one diagram. Work together to find areas in the supply chain where inefficiencies occur.

Write a proposal of 800 - 1200 words to the director of supply chain operations. Include the following:

• Information about how the organization delivers its value proposition and goals to customers

• Your predictions about how management decisions may affect supply chain operations, with descriptions in your memo of how these decisions should be regulated

• A summary of the overall supply chain and your findings

• A description of two to three areas where the supply chain is successfully functioning

• An analysis on sources of complexity...

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