Iscur Website Summery

Iscur Website Summery

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à Metals Steel service centers are equipped with advanced equipment and cutting, cutting, Aergol bending steel and metals.
à steel warehouse network and long products, plates and cans spread around all over the country.
à factories create welded pipes and profiles a wide range of sizes and qualities.
à department to ferrous metals and aluminum products specializing in stainless steel.
à heat plant Giloon painting steels and metals.
à agencies steel and aluminum products.

Facilities Services unit of steel pipes, steel and metal profiles and color quality Gilvon agencies
Location Nationwide Network Kiryat Gat Kiryat Gat and Be'er Sheva Ramla Ramla
CEO Moshe Shoshani Friioah Moti Yair Michaelis uncle Levkowitz
Operations Manager Ronnie Lavi Moshe Ziv
Director JCDC Adardo Rimmer
Production manager Meir Shlomo Weinberg Hakak
Director of Creative Commons Shimrit Stkller
Dytl Life Marketing Manager
Smadar Natal Department of Marketing
Rina Mosi Marketing Department
Oshri edge marketing department

Services Gilvon coloring:
Your protects steel from rust.
Great Ahgilvon plant in central Israel, with electro static painting system length 12 m adjacent to it.
Askoar Gilvon Services provides quality services Gilvon with hot dip dyeing services at competitive prices and availability based on customer requirements.

The Ahgilvon Colleges
Gilvon hot dip process is efficient, fastest and most economical protection of steel from rusting.
Ahgilvon process molten zinc dipped product. Zinc has very high resistance to corrosion and provides a process of long-term protection.
Ahgilvon layer erosion and corrosion resistant due to a chemical link to the base steel.
Economic thinking is correct, in view of the future, leading architects, engineers and operational metal works to choose a hot dip zinc coating method the preferred defense against rust.
Painting product after Ahgilvon product provides extra protection along with the...

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