Islam - Essay 2

Islam - Essay 2

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Course Syllabus

|Course Name: |Islamic Studies |
|Course Code: |ME-1106 |
|Credit Hours: |2/2/Credit hours/class hours(per week) |
|Course Prerequisites: |None |
|Quarter/Year: |Fall 2010 |
|Instructor: |Mansoor Alam Khan |
|Contact No: |0300-2757358 |
|Consultation Hours: |Monday & Thursday after class |
|E-mail: | |

1. Course Description:
This course provides basic information about Islamic and tries to enhance understanding of the students regarding issues related to faith and religious life.
2. Course Objectives:
The course aims to build up the character of the students and intends to cover the fundamentals of Islam.
3. Learning Outcomes:
On completion of this course the student will have understanding of:
LO1. Basic principles of Islam
LO2. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) life
LO3. Islamic civilization
LO4. Status of women in Islam
4. Textbook:
1. Islamic Education by A.S. Bukhari & M . D Zafar.

2. Emergence of Islam by Hameed ullah Muhammad, IRI, Islamabad

5. Reference Book(s):
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