Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

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(Syllabus with Past Papers)


Mr Pahary S. M. Y

Islamic Studies

Syllabus 9013

The need for Islamic education has been felt throughout ages. This concerns all Muslims,
men and women, irrespective of age and time. However, when it comes to students, I have
seen that there is not a specific book not light enough for them. Many students have
prejudice once the lengthiness of a book is concerned. Students find it hard to search for
notes and to make research work. That was the main reason of the presence of this book in
hand. It is easy to study and grasp.

This book has been compiled based on the syllabus of the subject, Islamic Studies Year
2011 with code 9013. The page of content has been presented as per the syllabus itself.
After each chapter there are questions of past exams for HSC.

Coming to the test item of the subject, an aspect of great importance is the writing of essays.
If though you are an expert in the subject that does not imply that you will be able to write
and compose great essays. You need an essay with an introduction, a body and a
conclusion. You need to specify and enumerate the different parts of the question. You need
to follow the trend of the question. You need to show knowledge and understanding of the
subjects with explicit, logic and critical approach.

It is important to note that a teacher is still vital for the explanation and elaboration of the
syllabus. Students must never think and pretend to be able to learn by themselves and
achieve the highest level. A tutor is important at all levels.

In the hope that this booklet will be beneficial to all students.

Educator (Islamic Studies)

Mr Pahary S. M. Y

Mr Pahary

Page 1

Islamic Studies

Syllabus 9013
Islamic Studies (9013/1)

Syllabus Content


Paper 1
Section A: The Beginnings of Islam


• Pre-Islamic Arabia
• The life of the Prophet (pbuh)
• The Four Rightly-Guided Caliphs



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