Islands of Genius

Islands of Genius

My essay is over the chapter called “Islands of Genius” by Darold A.Treffert and

Gregory L. Wallace. This topic is about autism and other developmental disorders

accompanied by artistic brilliance, great memory, and other amazing talents. Most people

with disorders such as this often can paint beautifully or play music without even one

lesson. Some have great memories and can memorize whole books word for word. Some

of the people covered in this chapter are Kim Peek, Leslie Lemke, Richard Wawro, and

Alonzo Clemons. These are remarkable people with extraordinary abilities. For example,

Kim Peek has memorized more than 7,600 books. He can recite the highways that go to

each American city, town or county, along with the area and zip codes, television stations

and telephone networks that serve them. Also, if you tell him when your birthday was

when you were born, he can tell you what day of the week it fell on and what day of the

week it will be when you turn 65. He can identify most classical compositions and knows

the date the music was published or first performed as well as the composer’s birthplace

and dates of birth and death. Peek is developmentally disabled and depends on his father

for many of his basic daily needs. Kim Peek’s abilities inspired the character played by

Dustin Hoffman in Rainman. Leslie Lemke is blind and has never studied piano. He

suffers from cerebral palsy and is also developmentally disabled. Despite this, he

composes music and is able to play thousands of pieces flawlessly, even when he has

heard them only once. Richard Wawro draws with oil crayons. His artwork is collected

by Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II, among others. He is internationally know

and a London art professor was “thunderstruck” by his drawings as a child. He described

Waro’s work as an “incredible phenomenon rendered with the precision of a mechanic

and the vision of a poet.” Richard Wawro is...

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