Israel: the Palestinian Conflict

Israel: the Palestinian Conflict

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Israel: The Palestinian Conflict

Israel’s first independence day was on May fourteenth, 1948. It was split up into different sections, some of which were for the Jewish populous, others for the Palestinians, from whom the land was taken. This caused tension, anger, and violence, but before even this happened there have been hostilities between the peoples.

First, in the book of Genesis, Abraham had two sons; these sons being Ishmael and Isaac (Ishmael and Isaac). Ishmael was born according to the flesh, the first of the two, whereas Isaac was born according to the promise, being the legitimate child of Abraham and his wife (Ishmael and Isaac). This made Isaac favoured. Another thing favouring him was that Isaac was born of Sarah, but Ishmael of Hagar, making Ishmael a bastard. Ishmael was the result of disobedience to God and Isaac was not. Because Isaac was born of Sarah, Ishmael could not claim the inheritance of Abraham (Ishmael and Isaac). Isaac on the other hand could and did. This makes the followers of Mohammed, and in turn Ishmael, somewhat envious of the followers of Isaac, the Jews—That was the Jewish side of the story; the Muslim side is a bit different, claiming that the Jews distorted the Torah. That it was not Isaac Abraham was going to sacrifice, but Ishmael, and that Abraham had eight sons, not two, who were raised in Mecca, not Heron. Each and every one of these differences, accusations, and misgivings caused resentment from the very start.

As an example of some further religious issues, the Dome of the Rock, a mosque, resides where the Temple Mount once stood. The Temple Mount contained the Holy of Holies, which is said to have come from The Lord himself. The 'Wailing Wall' is the closest place that Jews can now get to where it once was held. Not only did The Muslims build their mosque over where it once was, but they also covered much of the Western Wall with a Muslim neighborhood, making it even harder to get close to where the Holy...

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