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Global Business Cultural Analysis – Israel

Abstract: The major dimensions of culture can have an incredible effect on the success or failure of a company when operating in a foreign land. Without proper consideration of the cultural differences of others, management takes the risk of upsetting their new customer base. The dynamics presented by the various cultures found in Israel create the potential for great success or great failure in business. Management must thoroughly research the culture of a country and its people before choosing to conduct business globally. Through this research, it has been revealed that some American companies handled this task excellently and have gone on to see great success in Israel in the last twenty-five years, while others have failed to do so and been forced out of the country because of the failure to do so.

Elements and Dimensions of Culture in Israel
The shared values, aspirations, beliefs, customs, and attitudes amongst members of a society is said to constitute the culture of that society. This culture explains the reasons why people around the world feel and act differently from one another. Typically, culture is thought of as an identifier for specific geographic regions, but it can also apply to smaller sections of population. Culture can essentially be broken into six dimensions: Communication, Religion, Ethics, Values and Attitudes, Manners, Customs, Social Structures and Organizations, and Education (Satterlee, 2009). In Israel, some dimensions are more prominent and easily recognizable as contributing to the makeup of Israeli culture. The terms European culture and American culture are often used to describe aspects of life and thought in those regions. However, there are various categories of subculture within America. With the varying degrees of the six dimensions of culture existing within its boundaries, this is also the case with Israel. Daily interaction between cultures tends to blur...

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