Issues for Recirculation of Plastic, Glass, Aluminum and Paper

Issues for Recirculation of Plastic, Glass, Aluminum and Paper

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WHY and what?

- There is lot of trash no health secured in the capital cities or in the biggest cities in the countries involved in this project.

- The is a lack of government policy regarding the recycle of the thrash

- Even that in the schools is the lesions regarding the environment, still the awareness of young people is on low level

We have developed previous project regarding the environment issues and the partner of this project are organization that work on the field of the environment. The organizations involved in the project have own members (young people) that they need of additional experience of policy and action from the other European countries.

This project comes as the initiative started on the Youth in Action event halted in Shkodra-Albania in October 2008. The partner of this project fined that this is the common issues of the involved countries.


This project is related on the environmental issues for recirculation of plastic, glass, aluminum and paper. With this seminar we want to give to young people tolls to learn of the different experience of the other European countries and to achieve common practice.


The issues are the problem for the citizen of Europe and the Balkan people. We find that the young is the one of the most vulnerable group which are facing with. With this project we want to contribute for clean environment and aware young people.

The mission of the organizations is concerned the environmental issues and we want to build responsible young people and race awarded citizens of Europe.



To the participants of the seminar well be send draft agenda and the topics of the event. Additionally the support resource materials will be send before the seminar. The technical information regarding the travel and accommodation will be send to all participants together with the info pack.


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