Issues in Africa-Poverty

Issues in Africa-Poverty

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.Anorexic models should be banned

Anorexic models should be banned because theirs is a multi faceted problem as follows –

a. It is extremely dangerous for their own health to be anorexic
b. It can lead to other dangerous areas such as –
· Substance abuse
· Self harm
· Behaviourial issues
c. Models are dying because of their anorexia
d. It is not a true reflection of a normal woman’s body

Professor Janet Treasure of the Eating Disorders Service and Research Unit at King’s College, London states that -

“If young girls are seeing these poor role models, they can develop habits that are very difficult to shift in later life."

A shop assistant from the Top Shop in London states –

"There are increasingly very, very thin women, who look as underdeveloped as pre-teens and they seem desperate to fit into the smallest sizes”

Many stores are now seeing requests for size 0 as women / girls strive to be thinner and thinner. Some are trying to fit into clothes designed for the body of an 8-year-old child, which in itself is unhealthy. They feel this is because ultra thinness (as the advocates of this style like to call it, otherwise known as anorexic), is seen as how they should look, based on these anorexic models. And only recently does there seem to be a line been drawn – but why did it take the death of a 21 year old model to make the industry do something about it?

Anorexic models should be banned because it definitely has cause and affect, in that it showcases ultra thinness as the ultimate and young girls identify with these models, which in turn could and often does, lead to these same girls becoming anorexic themselves.

Just as people would not want drug abusing or promiscuous role models for our children, so do they not want anorexia to be glorified in the form of anorexic models.

With the death of a Brazilian model recently from Anorexia Nervosa , focus is again on anorexic models the World’s first ever ban on overly thin...

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