Istorija Umetnosti

Istorija Umetnosti

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Homo habilis-skilled man, is made of stone tools
Homo erektus-straight čovek.Obrađivao the stone simetrično.Putovao je.Pronašao the fire.
Homo sapiens neandertalis-Burial dead, great otpornost.nema evidence of umetnosti.Homo sapiens sapiens them istrebio
Homo sapiens-intellectual čovek.Naselio Europe is 40-30000g.pneTip kromanjonca.Preuzeo of neandertalca cult mrtvih.Pronađene the huge amount of bone (sacrifices, ceremonies, anthropophagy)
Homo sapiens sapiens-very intellectual man appears around 35000g.pneStvorio is the first art works

ART Paleolithic
Lower (2600000-300000)
Medium (300000-40000)
Above (40000-10000)
Only in the upper Paleolithic there is evidence of umetnosti.Prvenstveno appeared fine arts.

Creative explosion-32000p.n.e. phenomenon of art (paintings on rocks, figurines)

NIO-cave drawings found the first
Altamira-treasury monumental painting, animals from Madlenske epoch (17000-10000). Figure animals painted with a feeling for shape, movement and stilizaciju.Najčešće of deer, bizona, horses, divokoze.Figure are mostly painted half less.
For non-cave-per, Sabo cave, cave La Mut, Marsula cave, cave Merij
In the caves Von de GOM and Kombarel the pictures found bizona and horses similar to those of Altamira.
Laski cave-mine cave painting (bull from the cave)
With the largest number of cave paintings is in the Franco-Kantabrijskoj area.

Types of art:
-monumental plastic-relief
-small plastic figurines -

Techniques cave art:
-painting credits, soft brush of hair or pen.
Colors were mineral origin and biljaka.Kao solder used, fat, urine, vegetable juices or krv.Zidove once preparirali resins and cover.

Masterpieces: hunter-killed Laski
Jelena preplivavaju river-Lorteta
Wounded bison-Altamira
A naked woman...