It's Time for Change

It's Time for Change

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 1
2. What is Biomass exactly? 2
2.1. Biomass intro 3
2.2. Chemical structure of biomass 4
2.3. What are the goods of Biomass? 4
3. Discussion 5
3.1. Biomass is not Biomass – Differences and Commons 5
3.2. The costs 6
4. Conclusions 7
5. References 8
5.1. Literature sources 8
5.2. Web sources 8


1. Introduction

What is renewable raw material? What is biomass? Here, I will give a short summary of the content.

Renewable resources are materials that are naturally produced at a rate comparable or faster than the rate of consumption by humans or other users. There are commodities such as wood, paper, leather, sugar and so on. Geothermal power, timber, biomass, fresh water has to be managed carefully to avoid exceeding the environment’s capacity and to replenish them. Non-renewable resources are gasoline, coal, diesel, natural gas, all-in-one are called fossil fuels.

In Germany, for example, a big boom of renewable raw materials has taken place. As a result, Germany is the world wide leader in “Windkraftanlagen”; a lot of photovoltaic is decorating buildings.

But still it is a long road to say goodbye to fossil fuels. Only one per cent of Germany’s demand on energy is covered by renewable resources. However, should it be possible for scientists to use the big potential of bio-energy material, biomass may play a big role in the energy mix of the future.


What is Biomass exactly?

2. What is Biomass exactly?

2.1. Biomass intro

“The word biomass defines agriculture-produced raw material, that is used in non-food industry.” – This is the definition...

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