It's Time for College Students to Start Cashing in

It's Time for College Students to Start Cashing in

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It’s time for College Athletes to

Start cashing in!

William McGee

Axia College of University of Phoenix

College sports have turned into a multi million dollar industry that makes everyone money, except for the players who do all the work. It is time for the presidents of these colleges and Universities to start giving up some revenue to the real people who deserve it. So let’s start working on keeping these student athletes in school until they graduate, by helping them earn some extra money. I want to see the college athletes in revenue generating sports get paid for their efforts and see them stay in school longer to earn their college degree. As a college sports fan, I am tired of seeing these young athletes leaving school early. It is only hurting the students and the college game. Even though all college athletes will not get paid, revenue generating athletes should be paid due to the fact colleges and Universities make millions of dollars off their student athletes and television rights.
College football and basketball are the two most revenue-producing sports in the NCAA, with baseball producing revenue in fewer colleges. These colleges make a ton of money on the sale of tickets, concession sales and the television rights for these sports. The NCAA also makes good revenue from the sale of jerseys from their star athletes. When it comes to television rights, the NCAA signed a contract in 1994 for 8 years, worth 1.73 billion dollars, with CBS covering the Basketball NCAA tournament. What in the world can the NCAA do with 1.73 billion dollars in 8 years? After that contract was up CBS and the NCAA signed another contract worth 6 billion dollars, to cover the tournament until 2013 (Sandomir, 1999). Recently it was reported that ESPN has offered the BCS committee an estimate of 100 million dollars to cover the BCS games on cable for a four year span. In coke signs ‘corporate champion’ pact (2002) Coca-Cola signed a contract with the...

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