It/241 Week 8 Checkpoint Wireless Security Appendix F

It/241 Week 8 Checkpoint Wireless Security Appendix F

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Appendix F

Wireless LAN Vulnerabilities Matrix

Complete the following matrix by filling in the blank boxes.

Security protection Brief description Vulnerabilities Prevention (if any)
Mac address filtering The Mac address is a unique 48 bit number that is burned into the NIC upon manufacturing, The filter itself will only allow certain Mac addresses to access the actual network and be authenticated. If the Mac address does not match then it will not be allowed access. Because Mac addresses may be hard to manage and no guest can just be added temporarily it may allow the user access later. An attacker can easily see the Mac address on an approved device and therefore can use it to gain access to the network. Another way is to spoof the Mac address. Make sure that you have passwords enabled and I would create a username on your Access Point so that it can’t be accessed without a username and Password. Watch over your network and keep track of what is connected.
Open system authentication (SSID beaconing) Open System Authentication is basically an SSID such as a name that you have to use to access the access point. As long as you have this SSID you can access the network through the Access Point. In this security, it is very weak because it only uses SSID’s this makes it much easier for a user to access the network and become authenticated just using the SSID. The SSID can be retrieved from any device that is authenticated making it easy to gain access. If the router supports it, turn beaconing off so that some random user can’t just come on using the SSID.
WEP This type of security scrambles the information and uses a key to be able to access the information. Data is encrypted so that it can only be read by intended parties. On the other end it is decrypted if the security key matches making it very difficult for someone to access the information that is being used in this type of security. There are several ways that a person...

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