IT 260 study guide

IT 260 study guide

1) What are the brand names of some popular e-mail client (MUA) software programs either from microsoft or from third parties ?
MS Outlook
Windows mail
Mozilla Thunderbird
MS Entourage

2. According to MS, if there's a host name stated in the domain name, then the long description is ?

FQDN - Fully qualified domain name

3. What is the name of the protocol which allows you to attach or embed graphics or files to test based e-mail messages ?
4. What is the MS Exchange Server proprietary role name which allows multimedia audio or images - voice mail , fax etc from MAPI clients, including telephones ?
UM - unified Messaging

5. IN addition to the forest wide Active Directory FSMO role called Domain Naming Master , what is the other forest wide role name which accompanies it on a single DC?
Schema Master
6. Not including any local machine policy which is applied first , is the correct order site, domain, parent OU, child OU for applying GPOs ?
yes it is site, domain, parent ou and child ou.
7. Is it good practice or a poor practice to install exchange server on a multifunction server?
It is a poor practice to do so.
8. If Edge , Hub, CAS and mailbox are on the same machine, how much minimum RAM should exist according to MS>
8GB RAM , 5mb for each mailbox.
9. Is the equivalent of the command line version setup.exe ?

Yes it is - this works in unattended mode.
10. What type of administrator user can grant full permissions to AD for objexts and other info and is it for a specific server or type of organization ?
EOA - This is the Exchange Organization Administrator

11. Does the edge role communicate directly with Active Directory ?
No, the edge role cannot communicate directly with AD
12. For Edge and Hub, are microsoft connectors required to for e-mail relay?
yes they are. a send (SMTP) and receive (POP3 or IMAPI)connector is required.
13. Is it a MS user name a Mailbox user or a...

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