It Is

It Is

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At the risk of sounding cliché, art and design has always played a fundamental
role in the workings of my everyday life. During my primary years, i enrolled in a summer course in New Zeland where some of my art pieces were displayed in an exhibition. Perhaps not the most artistically innovating piece,
but that was the start of a long and enduring passion that still burns today.
My training in visual art varies, but having taken art as a subject since year
7 and living with an artisant father, my background and life is emmersed
in a richness of visual art.

Although being Chinese in Hong Kong but studying under a British system in a
International School, I have always been accepting of different cultures and
customs, and believe that it is important to try and depict messages through
visual stimulation and composition, as pictures and gestures are international.
My path may be unclear, but there is one thing that I am certain about; I
wish to further my interest in art and design and to lead into a career
with a full knowledge and understanding, and the support from an
institution which can help convert my energy and passion into art.

Applying for an Art and design course would allow me the freedom and
comfort to explore several forms, methods and styles of art and design,

I had taken art, textiles and business for A/S level,
continuing art and textiles into A level and taking up graphics A/S, i wanted
to learn more about a different style of art. Textiles like art is another
creative output in my life where i learn the more technical side of art
which include design and manufacturing products for more personal use.

My creative qualities is an advantage in this line of work, and I have
managed to refine and express myself, in my many art pieces after having studied art, graphics and textiles in that duration. Making
a decision between studio art and textiles was a difficult choice as I
have been studying art as a...