It Recommendations

It Recommendations

Scenario 1

I recommend that Sarah’s Flower Designs purchase a new desktop PC, this will allow them to store much more customer data and will also allow them to electronically bill their customers. I also recommend a PDA for their delivery services. This is a lightweight portable device that will allow Kim to access customer data, address and also get GPS directions while on the road.

Scenario 2

In an effort to get the few people that are traveling the ability to connect to the main network I would recommend laptop computers. These are lightweight portable computers and have very similar capabilities of a desktop computer. If there were a financial concern in purchasing a laptop computer for each of the traveling employees, then I would recommend a PDA for each of those employees. The PDA is much cheaper solution that would still allow the employee to access their email while traveling and the PDA would sync with their Desktop computer at the office.

Scenario 3

For the helping hands organization I would recommend a simple standard desktop computer. This is the most reasnablly priced item that still gives them the functions that they need. This simple desktop PC will allow helping hands to track their volunteer’s schedules and also keep records of their clients and their needs.

Scenario 4

For Johns productions needs I would recommend that he purchase a desktop computer that also includes a CD drive that can read and burn CDs and also includes a microphone. These two devices will allow him to record, edit and then burn all of his music on his own. The same CD drive can be used to listen to audition recordings.
This desktop will also allow him to access the internet to promote and sell his product. He can also use this desktop along with tracking software (i.e. QuickBooks or Excel) to monitor and track his personal and business finances.

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