It Software Development Fundamentals and Programming C#

It Software Development Fundamentals and Programming C#

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Business to Business

Construct a table showing the successive buy phases. Indicate which of these phases each of the three different types of products that SSS offers would be likely to go through in a typical purchase situation. In cases where SSS is not the current or ‘in’ supplier, suggest when and how it could offer to help the customer with appropriate information. How should it manage the buy phases in situations where it is ‘in’ supplier?

• Computer consumables: More people are likely to need spare computer parts such as memory sticks, hard drives, printer supplies etc. therefore computer consumables are more likely to go through in a typical purchase situation.


Prepare a grid showing the three main buy classes- straight rebuy, modified rebuy and new task – and outline situations in which these might typically apply to each of the products SSS offers. For each buy class, assess the chances of SSS winning a trial sale and suggest how it might go about achieving this aim.

• Straight rebuy: Straight rebuy is when the customer and the supplier have built enough trust and gone through the 7 step organisational buy phase that within a single call the customer will be able to make a order and tell the supplier exactly what he needs and how many and when he needs it by. So if SSS was to call its supplier it would be able to just call the supplier and

order in ten thousand memory sticks by next week. In reality this is what every customer of a supplier wants to have.

• Modified rebuy: Modified rebuy is when the customer uses an existing product and changes it so that when he sells it people will want to buy it because it is cheaper and more of a value to them e.g. if SSS ask the supplier to make some memory sticks with the SSS logo which they could then sell for a much lower price then the original one.

• New task: This is when SSS’s supplier will come up with a completely different product and if the customer is not happy with...

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