IT Technical Support (Unit 12)

IT Technical Support (Unit 12)


L3 Networking & Systems Support

It Technical Support

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Task 1
Task 1a (P1)

Task 1b (P2)

Task 1c (P5)

Task 1d (M2)
Task 1e (D1)
Task 2a (P3, P6, P7, M4, P4, M3, M1)
Task 2b (D2)

Task 1a (P1)

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) allows the owner of the PC to remotely access the PC from another. From this they can see what the non-admin is doing and also control the mouse. This is commonly used in IT support so that problems can be fixed without the technician coming down to sort out the problem.

Multimeter is used to check the voltage, current, and resistance of an electrical appliance, for example, a PC.

Ethernet cable testing is used to see of the Ethernet cable is capable of carrying a signal, to and from the PC.


Questions – IT technicians will ask questions to the customer to help them have more of an idea of the problem in hand. They may either ask face to face or on the telephone, depending on where they are. Asking questions are a useful technique because without this, it will take the technician longer to find what the problem is and then solve it.

Fault log – This log stores all the faults of the PC system and describes the problem as well. There are three types of faults which are network server tools, this server tools identifies the server errors. Second one is even viewer; this stores all the errors, warnings of the entire PC system, security and application. Third log is paper based log. This is a written log by the technicians. This log is same as other logs where describes the faults etc.

Monitoring – This is used in companies and it allows the technician to have control over the user’s computer and solve the problem that way, e.g. VNC, RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). This way is effective if...

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