It205 Dirtbikes

It205 Dirtbikes

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IT Tools At Dirt Bikes
Kim Hand
December 19, 2013

Dirt Bikes

After looking into Dirt Bikes operations, communication between employees and accessing information seems to be a problem within the business and needs to be improved. The lack of communication between employers and vendors can cause a delay in production. I have recommended a few things that will help with these problems in order to be more efficient and productive throughout the company.
I would like to suggest an intranet, which is an internet specifically designed for businesses. This intranet only allows access to those within the company that are authorized. It allows all departments to connect with one another to access information quickly. Sales and marketing teams will benefit from being able to access reports, marketing, and feedback faster. Intranets can also be extremely beneficial to the human resources department because it allows them to put all of their information online rather than dealing with paper filing that can take up a lot of time whether storing it or looking for information that can be time consuming. Continue with the time-consuming paper based processes. Things such as employee handbooks, employee surveys, and new employee training can be done without the hassle of keeping up with and filing thousands of papers. Not only will intranet offer employees to be more productive in other areas within the company, but it will also save the company money by going paperless. . The manufacturing and production departments could benefit from using an intranet to help coordinate, maintain, and publish production schedules. To go even further the company could consider extranet; authorized users outside of the organization can access the intranet. This will create easier communication with vendors or customers.
Another suggestion would be to have the company go wireless. Using a wireless network will make it easier for...

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