Italians: Part of America's Colonization

Italians: Part of America's Colonization

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Surprisingly enough Italians were part of the colonization in the United States. While Americans have been seen as the ones who have played a large part in the colonization, Cabot, Vesspucci, Verrazzano, Tonti and Kino all prepared the permanent settlement of North America. Because most of the original and still many today of the Italians were Catholic there was a lot of prejudice from other migrates who were of the Protestant and other Christian Religions.

A lot of the newcomers faced segregation when it came to their religion, because they were Catholic they had to face those who were not and try to fight for their right to be a part of the United States even though our founding fathers wanted this to be a free country where men could serve God freely by whatever means they saw fit. Even to this day Catholics are looked down on and gossiped about.

When my ancestors came over from Italy they had to work many menial jobs, women were put to work ironing, taking care of others children and homes, because better paying jobs either did not want to or wouldn’t give the training necessary to someone from a different religious or ethnic group. It was hard for men and women alike to provide for their families just because of the racial differences, they were seen as coming from “bad people”.

My ancestors were told where they could work, purchase homes, go to school and even where they could eat. If an Italian wanted to start their own business they may be able to after jumping through many hoops as well as filling out extra paperwork that for Caucasian’s would have not been needed. After the business was started the police force would keep an eye on them in case any fishy business was in the works. Many people would stray away from them, walk on the opposite side of the street as well as say hurtful untrue things about the Italians to make them want to go back to Italy.

If they wanted to purchase a home and actually...

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