Ivan Pavlov - 1

Ivan Pavlov - 1

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Brandon Maynard

All About Ivan Pavlov

Vincennes University

Spring 2013

All About Ivan Pavlov
Ivan Pavlov was born on September 14, 1849 in a small town in the middle of Russiaand he died on February 27, 1936 . His first studies were in theology . But then later on abandoned his religious study’s and focused on the study of science. In 1870, he began studying the natural sciences at the University of Saint Petersberg. Pavlov was not a psychologist at all he was really a physiologist. Although Ivan Pavlov was a very well known scientist. He also had his own personal life just like any of us. He had married Seraphima Vasilievna Karchevskaya a Russian, who was a teacher. She was also the daughter of a doctor in the Black Sea Fleet. She had five kids whose names were Wirchik,Vladimir,Victor, Vsevolod, and Vera. Only before she had those five kids she had a miscarriage which people say was caused because she was always having to run after her fast-walking husband Ivan. One of there sons Vsevolod had become a very well known physicist and professor of physics at Leningrad in 1925. Wirchick had died in his early childhood. The death of Wirchick must have been rough on Ivan in my opinion . The reason I say that is because when he was a child he was the oldest of eleven children,in which six them died in the there childhood as well.

For the experiment that won him a Noble Prize in 1904. It was when he was studying how dogs digest things when he noticed that the dogs would begin to slobber when his assistant would enter the room. In his research of how dogs digestive systems worked he would place several different types of edible and non-edible items. Then he would then measure how much slobber was produced from each item. Pavlov noticed that the slobbering was a learned reaction. The learned reaction was when the dogs seen Pavlov’s assistant's white lab coats they would drool. Because the assistant would always bring the dogs the food so therefore when...

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