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The poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll is simply a “poem of nonsense verse”, according to several studies. Basically, the poem is about a typical kiddie story. The poem tackles a story about a boy who wants to overcome his fear of Jabberwocky, a seemingly furious monster. He then takes on an adventure to kill Jabberwocky and in the end, he goes home triumphant. This type of story is clearly similar to any kid’s dream or state of adventurism. Any kid dreams of overcoming his/her greatest fear or nightmares of monsters. Because of this, the poem really reaches out to kids as the audience.

The poem’s structure seems playful. Lewis Carroll made use of unfamiliar words that maybe, he himself made. He used these unfamiliar words to describe the characters in the poem. Some of them, he used as a combination of words like galumphing which is a combination of the words gallop and triumphant. According to several studies, many people got amused by these unfamiliar words. Because of this, some of the poem’s terms were used in video games. The poem’s structure and story really tickle the readers’ minds. Because of all of these, we portrayed the story as a playful and nonsense one.

At first, we didn’t know how to present the poem as a playful one. We then thought of a puppet show. We made the characters based on the notes we found about the poem. We surely needed help from notes because just by looking at the poem itself, we wouldn’t know that some of the terms were indeed characters. We also incorporated some video game characters. And lastly, we also relied on the context clues to portray the characters and setting.
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After making the puppets, we then played on their colors. We didn’t follow the natural color scheme. We just used any color for everything. We didn’t care anymore if the coloring makes sense. All that we thought of was to just have the puppets colored. Through this, a great image of playfulness was used.

We also used some...