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Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Thames & Hudson Ltd. (2010). The Great Explorers. High Holburn, London, England: Author.

This book titled The Great Explorers is made up of different sections and chapters, one of which is about Jacques-Yves Cousteau. It contains information on his inspirations, innovations and discoveries, a bit about ecological awareness and the legacy he left behind and the future ahead. The purpose of this resource is to inform you about the aqua lung and how it came about and how he was inspired by a pair of goggles to invent the aqua lung. It contains a few old black and white 2D images and one 2D coloured image. Underneath each image it states what that picture is about. I think this resource is laid out very well and is easy to follow. This book is aimed toward anyone that interested in “The Great Explorers” don’t even though some of the words are sophisticated. This information hasn’t been updated since 2010 so some of the information could have changed since then. There is a list of works cited in the rear of the book. I do not think that this chapter of this book could be biased as it would give the company of the book a bad reputation. There is no information about this author or editor however there is a list of contributors at the rear. When you open the book there is a clear table of contents which clearly outlines the sections of the book as well as an index at the rear. Overall it is a very easy book to navigate around and view all the different explores this book contains information about.

Sumangal, B. (n.d.). Jacques Cousteau. Pitara Kids Network http://www.pitara.com/magazine/people/online.asp?story=43 and http://www.pitara.com/corporate/people.asp

This magazine article is aimed towards children 13 years and under. This outlines to children facts about his life how he came to co-inventing the SCUBA as we all know it today. It is a two page biography on his life and contains a few quirky facts about him. It may only be two...

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