Jackson Pollock and Mike Parr

Jackson Pollock and Mike Parr

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compare the art-making practice of mike parr and jackson pollack. refer to at-least 2 works by each artist.

Jackson Pollock, the leader of abstract expressionism, displays his own semi-figurative language through images to heighten his emotional status at the time of production of is work. He was heavily influenced by the psychiatric analysis of C.G. Jung and the surrealists Miro and Masson. Whereas Mike parr generated works that reflected the composition of solipsistic exercises in self portraiture, using his art as a means of communicating his inner-self. "I am interested in limits, i keep testing what mine are, and what the audiences are." Both theses artists cathartic art-making processes display their intentions in there works and note the similarities and differences between the two.

Jackson Pollock's art-making process is composed by a number of factors that shape his artworks intentions and reflect his concept. His system strategies build and model his artworks, generating his action painting techniques. This technique involved his large scaled works being layered out on the ground, as he would walk on them, splashing, dripping, painting. Pouring out the textures to heighten his emotional status at the time. Pollock developed his own semi-figurative language. This led to his semi abstract works base on biomorphic forms related to plants, animals and primitive symbols. These systems and techniques are used when he is in deep concentration performing his own personal ritual. Involving himself in an act of moving in free response to his inner needs. The result was expressive, yet controlled painting swirls, expanding space with intertwining patterns and tangles of lines. For example, the mythological title of His work "Pasiphae" presents fragments of feet, eyes, ribs and legs scattered throughout the painting, to which is hard to decipher wether they are animals or humans . The mysterious juxtapositions of color, perhaps showing anger, presents a...

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