Jacksonian Era

Jacksonian Era

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The New Democracy

Universal manhood suffrage
àa form of voting rights in which all adult males are allowed to vote, no matter how much money they made or how much land they owned.
àThis form of voting helped empower rising American leaders to Presidency
àbenefited the poorer, frontier citizens because they felt better represented, because they actually had a say in who would become president.

Nominating conventions
àpolitical conventions held by the political parties who will be choosing nominees in the upcoming presidential election
àin the 1824 election, conflicts occurred between the Eastern congressional class and citizens in the Western states which led to the rejection of William H. Crawford by the Democratic- Republican party.
àThe convention is typically held in a major city selected by the national party organization 18–24 months before the election is to be held.

Rotation in office ( spoils system )
àA spoils system describes the process in which the party in power after winning an election controls the benefits and political appointments.
àRotation in office is changing who is the president every certain years.
àin 1776 Thomas Jefferson wrote the a proposal urging the limitation of the term of office which said: "to prevent every
Jacksonian Period Project

Noraceli Mariscal
Period 6

Slavery and Abolitionism

Nat Turner’s Revolt
àa slave rebellion that took place in Southampton County, Virginia during August 1831.
àHe started with a few trusted slaves, but then increased to more than 70 enslaved and free blacks
àSlaves in the rebellion killed approximately 60 white people which afterwards led Nat Turner to remain in hiding for several months.
àthe rebellion was stopped after 48 hours

Gag Rule
àA legislative body limiting discussion or debate on an issue.
àit was used to prevent the reading of antislavery petitions in Congress.
àIt was introduced by proslavery members to postpone...

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