jake bugg interview

jake bugg interview

Jake bugg has taken the music world by storm. At just 19 years old, he is the youngest male solo artist to reach the top of the album charts! He’s now released his second album and is currently on his worldwide tour. I met up with him to talk about his influences and his new album.

How is your career going?
It’s been going well. i have played lots concerts that are much bigger than i have ever played before, that was fun! We will have to see how my new album goes. I’m quite nervous about it but I’m also very excited at the same time.

What was it like to work in Rick Rubin’s studio in LA to record your new album?
It was great! I got to know him for the person that he is. He’s a really nice guy, the studio was really nice too. I didn’t really want to leave, i was there for two weeks, that was the longest i have stayed in one place for the last two years! It was really nice, almost like a dream.

Who are your main influences?
My main influences are Layne Staley, The Beatles, Oasis, Johnny Cash and Nell Young. I think that the influence of older artists really shines through in my music.

How many guitars do you own in total?
I have quite a lot of guitars, I probably own about 20! But my favourite one is a very rare and very old guitar that i brought in Nashville. I wanted it for ages but I never thought I would own anything like it.

If you were not making music what would you be doing instead?
If I wasn’t making music i don’t know what i would be doing because this is kind of all that I have.

Despite his rapid success and his constant touring Jake Bugg is a surprisingly pleasant and down to earth person. The things he values most in his life are his family, his friends and of course his music!

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