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When I went to visit my relatives in Kingston, Jamaica I knew it was going to be interesting. We where suppose to be staying down there for a few weeks so I had a lot of things packed. I was with my mom, aunt, and sister. I was about thirteen or fourteen at the time and this was going to be my first time going out there. I was excited and nervous at the same time. My sister told me all sorts of stories about how much fun she had coming down there the year before. She warned me that my relatives’ dialect was different from the Chicago dialect that I had grown so accustomed to. I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

We finally had arrived on a Tuesday after a somewhat pleasant plane ride. Jamaica was like something I never seen before. Nice blue skies, clean fresh water, and the weather was beautiful. They had a huge white house with a swing in the front yard. They came out and greeted us with so much hospitality. Everyone was nice and very happy to see us. We were also happy to see them. We began to talk and I quickly noticed what my sister was talking about. They had a heavy Jamaican accent. It didn’t really bother me but I just wasn’t used to it. It was very different. Most of the words were slurred and pronounced differently than what I was used to. This was the very first time I had a conversation with someone who spoke like that. It seemed so weird. The kids my age were much worst.

I had a couple cousins down there who were the same age as me so that is who I hung out with. They were cool but in some aspects very different. The following weekend we went to one of their friend’s house who was throwing a party. He told me it was going to be fun. I had no idea what to expect at a party in Jamaica. When we arrived I noticed they talked with so much slang. It was English that they were speaking but some of the words they used were not in my vocabulary. So many words were being mispronounced and some words were being used that I...

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