James M. Baily - Book Analysis - Life with Ocd

James M. Baily - Book Analysis - Life with Ocd

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1. Reference Details

The autobiography by James Bailey titled, Man Interrupted was published in 2006 by Mainstream Publishing Company (Edinburgh) LTD. It was retrieved from Joondalup City Libraries (Woodvale Library), which is a part of the Library Broad of Western Australia.

2. Individuals Background

James Michael Bailey was born during the 1950s in Arkansas City, Kansas, in the United States of America. James lived at his place of birth until the age of five when his mother and father divorced, his mother was awarded custody of James, his brother and his sister although James and his brother eventually went to live with their father in Louisiana as his mother claimed to not be receiving enough child support to support three children and herself. James attended high school in Westlake, Louisiana and some time after ventured to Hollywood seeking an acting career where he went to acting school and eventually got a few minor roles in television and film. Shortly after James was finding himself living out of his car, too afraid to expose himself to anything to cause himself anxiety. James stated in his autobiography that he had lived his whole life showing no interest towards religion yet now he finds himself praying to god.

3. Life Experiences/Environmental Factors

A range of life experiences and environmental factors could have possibly contributed towards James’ mental illness, these could range from; his parents divorce, his disengaged relationship with his mother, his father’s lack of providing stability and support, the pressure to do drugs/alcohol as a teenager, his mistrust in women or lack of work.

3.1 James’ Disengaged Relationship with his Mother

In particular James’ mother appeared to have a recurring theme throughout the autobiography. James used her as to learn what not to look for in a woman.

“I harassed my mother her whole life, I called her a bitch and told her she was no good and I was fucked up because she gave me...

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